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Juvenile Fer de lance photographed in my backyard, a common visitor during the rainy season mainly. Watch where you step is one of the most important rules if you live near by / or visit large extensions of rainforest, patty feels and oil palm plantations. This juvenile individual was 8″ long only and it gave me the opportunity to take a few pictures before I released it in a better habitat. For this photo I did set up a layer of dry leaves and 2 tripods to hold up the camera and the speedlite+diffusers. Terciopelos (as they are locally known) are mostly nocturnal and terrestrial.

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Extremely durable, with a surface that is scratch resistant, waterproof and High Gloss, radiant surface with high reflectivity, excellent sharpness and color vibrancy. The Float Mount Hanger allow prints to float ½ inch off of the Wall. Their resilience to dust and dirt, long lastingness and their ability to flourish under different lighting conditions makes this technique unique and the best option for indoor and outdoor decoration.

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