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Esquipulas and Vicinity

Esquipulas Foothills

Various localities around Manuel Antonio are suggested as great birdingareas to observe Central and South Pacific endemic species. One of them, the nearest quality birding area from Manuel Antonio and our favorite spot for half day of road birding is Esquipulas, in the Talamanca mountain foothills at a pleasant elevation of 1,100 masl.

It is part of Paso de la Danta (Tapir path) biological corredor, created in 2000 with a territorial extension of 82 128,17 hectares. This important rainforest extension is favoring altitudinal and longitudinal ecological processes among the Central and South Pacific.

This is a quite productive transitional area that produces Yellow-throated Toucans, Fiery-billed Aracaris, Turquoise Cotinga, King Vulture, White Hawk, Royal Flycatcher, Orange-collared Manakin, Woodpeckers, Woodcreepers, Shiny Honey creepers, Tanagers, diverse mixed flocks and good hawk watching if the weather conditions are appropiate. We visit different habitats along the way to our birding destination, some of them located in Naranjito, Villanueva and Esquipulas communities.