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Soundscape and Frogs


Rainmaker, Parrita

Sounds are a perpetual and dynamic property of all landscapes. The sounds of vocalizing and stridulating animals and the nonbiological sounds of running water and rustling wind emanate from natural landscapes. It has been used by a variety of disciplines to describe the relationship between a landscape and the composition of its sound.

Frog Sounds 

Centrolenids – Glass Frogs 

Cricket Glass Frog

One of the most interesting groups of amphibians found in the New World tropical humid forest. Glass frogs belong to the neotropically endemic family Centrolenidae, whose members are commonly referred to as glass frogs, crystal frogs or centrolenids.





Hylidae – Tree Frogs 

Red eyed tree Frog

This family’s common name, tree frog, misleadingly suggest that all member species are tree-dwelling. In fact, some members of this family lives on the forest floor or, even more surprisingly, burrow below its surface. Invariably, they have rounded, adhesive disks on the tips of the toes and fingers that help them stick to vertical surfaces.