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Manuel Antonio Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

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Manuel Antonio National Park is located in Quepos, Puntarenas province. This important protected area was created in 1972, thanks to the communal pressure and locals interest in developing the area as a tourist center and most important to preserve this Pacific gem. The stunning combination of Rainforest, beautiful beaches, Mangrove forest, 34 acres Swamp and Marine habitats, offers the ideal area for the flora and fauna species to co-exist, including endangered species like the Central American Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus) a sub species that inhabit the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

Two different Sloth species, Anteaters, Long-nouse Coatis, Racoons, White-tailed Deer, Central American Agouti, Bats, Porcupines, three species of Monkeys, Amphibiamns, Reptiles and Birds including two species of Toucans, more than ten species of Hummingbirds, Antbirds, Woodcreepers, Tinamous and Trogons are part of this amazing biological community.

All the mentioned reasons justify why this is the most visited National Park in Costa Rica, the protected area receives the largest number of visitors per year.

  • Entrance tickets in Coopealianza
  • Drinkable water
  • Showers, toilets and dressing rooms (soap – shampoo not allowed)
  • View points located in the highest parts of the Park
Attractions – accesible trails

Wheelchair accesible trail – friendly path of 784 meters that allows anyone to explore the rainforest and mangrove swamp, ending at the stunning Espadilla Sur beach.

More trails: Waterfall, La Trampa – The Trap, Punta Catedral, Punta Serrucho, Puerto Escondido, Gemelas beach, Manuel Antonio beach, Espadilla Sur beach.

Recommendations – SINAC (National System of ConservationAreas)
  • Manzanillo tree is toxic, do not touch, eat the fruit or stay on its shade.
  • Enjoy nature properly, do not touch plants or wild animals and not collect shells.
  • Use proper footwear, it is not recommended wearing sandals and try not to make noise, do not go from permitted areas nor climb on railings or signs.
  • Take care of your belongings at all times and try not to carry food that attract wildlife. Remember it is forbidden to feed the wild animals, certain products can seriously affect the health of these and generate changes in their behavior.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from wildlife
  • Do not leave garbage
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • It is important to remember this park does not have parking for vehicles and in high visitation season the only road connecting Quepos town with Manuel Antonio is busy.
  • Park staff (park guards) works only within the park and its uniform has distinctive SINAC logos. Remember you can ask them for help or information.
Keep in mind – rules 

Not allowed to..

  • Enter to the park with guns, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, drugs, junk food – cookies, peanuts, candies, energetic bars and chips. Conditions and exceptions are established by the National Park Administration.
  • Feed the wildlife.
  • Enter with pets of any kind.
  • Causing damage to infrastructure, vegetation, animals and other resources in the area.
  • Make fires.
  • Not fishing or hunting.
  • Not beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, tents or hammocks are allowed to use inside the National Park.